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A Writer's Roadtrip

24 June 1970
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I'm a software engineer in love with languages both natural and artificial.
An aspiring writer, I've been trying my hand at stories since I was seven.
The earliest story I ever wrote was "Claws," the grotesque depiction of a cat gone wild (imagine that).

A career in writing never occurred to me until my senior year in high school. Though I contributed to my
university's literary magazines, and won both an honorable mention and first place in the undergraduate
poetry competition, I decided that writing poetry and short stories would not be the best way to earn a living.

Good decision.

But one that hasn't turned off the writing impulse. Now, nearly sixteen years later,
I am not only writing but finally investigating the business-end and the politics of the process...

My goal: to have publishable work within (don't laugh) two years.